Roof Replacement or Roof Repair

Roof Replacement VS Roof Repair: Which is Best For Your Home?

Is your roof in need of some TLC?

Over time, our roofs suffer damage and start to show their age.

They’ll start to need to work to keep them working at their best.

But if you’re not a roofer, it can be hard to know if you need a roof replacement, or you can get away with some repairs.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Read on for our guide to roof replacement vs repairs, and which one is right for your home.

Roof Replacement vs Repair

In general, it’ll be far cheaper to do a roof repair, than replace it in full.

There are elements of your roof that have a shorter lifespan than the rest of the structure.

Making repairs to those elements help you make the most of your roof’s longevity.

A professional, reliable roofer will help let you know if repairs are an option.

If there isn’t a need to replace the whole thing, then repairs are the way to go.

But, if you find that you’re always having to make repairs, then the cost of a new roof is a good investment.

All the little repairs add up, so replacing it could save you a lot of money in the long run.

On top of this, a roof replacement in Phoenix provides:

  • Better Curb Appeal: A new roof will spruce up the outside of your home.
  • Better Energy Efficiency: Modern roof materials come with high energy-efficiency.
  • Peace of Mind: You know a new roof will protect your home for many years to come.

Factors to Guide You

There are a few factors you can do to help you decide on what is right for your home.

Each roof and situation is different, and each one will have it’s own roof issues.


One of the most common types of roof damage is leaking.

If it’s an isolated area, a quick repair might do the job.

If the roof leaks in several spots, and it’s not only an issue with flashing, then a roof replacement is a good idea.

Roof Age

Roof materials have a lifespan.

While metal or clay roofs can last centuries, asphalt only lasts around 20 years.

Depending on the material, a lot of repairs can leave your roof looking odd and ‘patchy’.

If your roof is newer, and you don’t mind the patchiness, then a repair job would be a better idea.

But if your roof is approaching that 20-year mark, a new one might be better.

It’s getting to the end of its life anyway, and this could be the beginning of a whole host of issues.

The Extent of Roof Damage

If you only have minor roof damage the high cost of a roof replacement might be a bit excessive.

If limited to small, isolated areas, roofing specialists can often fix it with a repair.

Almost any type of damage so long as it’s isolated to a small area can get fixed.

You can patch little holes, replace a few shingles, replace a section of flashing, etc.

If the damage is more extensive, it might be a different matter.

The worse the damage is, the more likely it is that a roof replacement will be the right solution.

Make the Right Choice

So, there you have it!

Now you have the information to make an informed choice on roof replacement vs repair.

Your roof issues will be unique to you, so make sure you do what’s right for your roof.

Take its condition, age, issues and the amount of damage into consideration.

Do this and you’ll get the best result for your home.

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