Roof repair Estimate

Can I Trust a Roof Repair Estimate?

Maybe your roof is actively leaking or perhaps it’s just missing a few shingles.

Either way, getting a prompt roof repair can help you feel secure in your home’s protection again.

You’re eager to get it done so you call a roofer and get a roof repair estimate.

It seems affordable, but can you trust it? Or will that number skyrocket by the end of the project?

Here’s how to know if you can trust your estimate.

How to Know if You Can Trust Your Roof Repair Estimate

The average roof repair cost is $915. That’s a pretty penny, and some repairs can cost far more.

With that much money at stake, you need to be able to plan for the costs from the start. 

When you get an estimate from a roofer, here’s how to tell if you can trust that the estimate will be accurate.

Talk to Other Customers

Ask your roofer for references. They should be able to give you a few names of past customers and their contact information so you can chat with the customers themselves.

During those calls, ask about the customers’ experiences with the roofer.

Specifically, ask about estimate accuracy too, and whether their final costs were similar to their estimates.

Get a Ballpark Range

If an estimate is far lower than expected, chances are that it won’t be accurate.

Most people don’t know much about average costs for specific types of roof repair, though.

How do you know if you’re in the right ballpark?

The key is shopping around. Get estimates from several other roofers for the same repair.

If your original estimate is somewhere in the same range as the others, it’s likely to be a trustworthy estimate.

You can also talk to your homeowner’s insurance provider.

Ask if they have an average cost or average range listed for the repair you need.

Compare Material Costs

When your roofer estimates your repair, you want more than a singular number.

Ask for a specific breakdown of the labor costs and material costs, including the costs for each of the materials they’ll need.

With that list in hand, start looking around for those materials’ prices.

If you see similar prices online to the prices on the estimate, it’s probably trustworthy.

If not, follow up with the roofer and ask why.

Research the Roofer

Check out some online reviews from the roof repair specialist who gave you the estimate.

Look at their average star ratings, but more importantly, look for any mention of estimates.

If you’re seeing many reviewers complain that their estimates were far different from their final costs, it’s a red flag.

If not, chances are that you can trust the estimate.

Getting a Roof Repair Estimate You Can Trust

Whether you’re looking at a small or extensive repair, it’s important to know if your roof repair estimate is accurate so you can plan for it financially.

While the tips above can help, it starts with hiring a roofer you can trust.

To hire a local roofer with an established, trusted reputation, call our roofing specialists today.

If you’re looking for a trusted roof repair company in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa or beyond to assist with a roof repair estimate, contact the experts at AZ Roofing Works for a Free Roofing Estimate today! Call (602) 283-3383!

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