Top Roof Maintenance Tips

Top 10 Roof Maintenance Tips for AZ Homeowners

Are you keeping your roof in top condition?

The roofs on our homes are the first line of defense against keeping us protected from the elements. They help keep our homes dry, comfortable, and sheltered. But if you’re not maintaining them, it’s easy for them to fall into disrepair.

Read on for these top 10 roof maintenance tips to make sure your roof is always in tip-top condition.

1. Make Sure Your Roof Can Breathe

In the arid and humid Arizona climates, heat and moisture can cause issues. It can cause your roof materials to buckle and rot, and any insulation may not be as effective. So, make sure your roof has proper ventilation, and if not, rectify this.

2. Insulate Well

Our climate doesn’t mean we can neglect our home’s insulation. Insulation helps achieve the right level of airflow and ventilation. It’s vital for protecting us from heat loss and gain, keeping temperatures consistent. Check your insulation, and make sure it’s the best it can be.

3. Check For Streaking

This is where fungus and mold can take root. If left, it can deteriorate the roof materials, and reduce your roof’s lifespan. Depending on the extent, this roof maintenance cost isn’t high. It’s well worth the investment to prevent issues down the line.

4. Check Shingles For Damage

In humid climates, excess moisture weakens shingles and roof beams. In arid climates, if singles get too dry, they can become prone to brittleness, blistering, and cracking. Make sure you check on a regular basis and address any damage immediately.

5. Clean Gutters

No matter what climate your in, your gutters can clog with debris and dirt. If debris build-up this can cause damage to the structure of your roof. Whether it’s commercial roof maintenance or residential, clean your gutters 2-3 times a year.

6. Clear Your Downspout

Like gutters, downspouts can also clog up. As a key part of your roof’s water management, it needs to be in top working order. Use a snake, or a broom handle to dislodge debris and flush it out when you clean your gutters.

7. Check the Flashing

When it comes to leaks and damage, flashing is usually the culprit because it’s covering a hole in your roof. Check around vents, pipes, and chimneys to make sure the flashing is flat and not punctured. The sealant should be loose or dry either.

8. Check for Signs of Insects

In Arizona, we’re prone to infestations of Carpenter Ants and Termites alike. Check your roof for signs these pests have moved in, as you need to deal with them right away if they do. Look for rotten areas, sawdust, and insect waste.

9. Check Your Attic

When checking the outside, check the inside of your roof too via your attic. Make sure you can’t see spots of daylight, water stains or rot, or any weaknesses in the shingles. It’s a good way to check how healthy your roof is and is easier to access.

10. Get Your Roof Inspected

It’s best to get a professional roofing contractor out to check your roof each year. From a foam roof to a shingle one, they know roofing issues inside out.

They can check for:

  • damage
  • pests
  • gutter and downspout condition

And much more which could be easy for an untrained eye to miss. They can spot issues and may catch anything early.

Roof Maintenance Made Easy

So, there you have it! Now you know these 10 top tips, you’re all set to do the best roof maintenance you can. Regular checks are the key to keeping your roof in top condition. Look for damage, pests, and moisture, and rectify any issues you find right away.

If you need a roofing professional, contact us today. At AZ Roofing Works, we’ve got the expertise to help you with all your roofing needs.

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