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Shingle Roof Replacement Step By Step: What to Expect

You’re about to need a shingle roof replacement, but you aren’t sure what to expect from the process.

How long will it take? How noisy will it be? What do you need to do to get the house ready?

We’ve got you covered.

Today we’re taking a look at all the important shingle roof replacement steps to help you know what to expect.

From initial consultation to the final inspection, this roofing project guide covers everything you need to ensure a smooth process!

Initial Consultation, Inspection, Estimate and Contract

When you decide to replace your shingle roof, the first step is scheduling an initial consultation with a roofing company.

During the consultation, the roofing company will perform a thorough roof inspection.

After the initial consultation and inspection, the roofing company will provide an estimate.

It includes materials, labor, and any additional work that may be needed, like repairs to the roof deck.

After agreeing on the estimate, you’ll move on to signing the contract.

This details the scope of work, timelines, payment schedules, and warranties.

Preparing the Home

It’s important to prepare your home both inside and out.

Start by clearing your driveway and surrounding areas to provide easy access for the roofing crew and their equipment.

Move any outdoor furniture, grills, or potted plants away from the house to protect them from falling debris.

Inside your home, you might notice some vibrations and noise during the roof replacement.

Take down any valuable items or pictures from the walls to prevent them from falling.

It’s a good idea to cover your belongings in the attic or upper floors with old sheets or tarps.

Pets and children can be sensitive to the noise and commotion.

If possible, arrange for pets to stay with a friend or family member.

For children, explain the process so they know what to expect and keep them away from the work area for their safety.

Shingle Roof Replacement Steps

The tear-off and removal phase is one of the noisiest parts of the shingle roof replacement process.

During this step, the roofing crew will remove the old shingles, underlayment, and any damaged materials.

This process can create a lot of debris and noise, so it’s good to be prepared for a bit of disruption.

The crew will usually start early in the morning.

They’ll use special tools to lift and remove the old shingles.

It’s common for debris to fall around your home, but the crew will have measures in place to protect your property.

They will use tarps and plywood sheets to cover landscaping and windows.

This phase can take a day or two.

Once the old shingles are removed, the crew will inspect the roof deck for any hidden damage that wasn’t visible during the initial inspection.

Expect a lot of activity during this phase, with workers moving around and a constant stream of debris being cleared away.

Repairing the Roof Deck

After the old shingles are removed, the roofing crew will inspect the roof deck for any damage that needs repair.

Common problems that might be found include rotted wood, mold, or damage from pests.

If any sections of the deck are compromised, the crew will replace them with new materials.

This might add a bit of time to the project, but it’s important for the longevity of your new roof.

During this phase, you’ll see the crew working to remove and replace any damaged sections.

They might use new plywood or other materials to repair the deck. It’s a noisy process, but it ensures that the roof is in top shape for the next steps.

Once the repairs are complete, the crew will clean up the area and prepare to install the underlayment and new shingles.

Installing Underlayment and Flashing

With the roof deck repaired and ready, the next step is to install the underlayment and flashing.

The underlayment is a protective layer that goes directly on top of the roof deck.

It acts as a barrier against water, ice, and wind, providing extra protection for your home.

The crew will roll out and secure this material, making sure it covers every part of the roof.

Flashing is installed around areas where the roof meets other structures, like chimneys, vents, and skylights.

It helps prevent water from seeping into these vulnerable spots.

The crew will carefully install and seal the flashing to ensure it is watertight.

This phase might take a day or two.

Installing New Shingles

With the underlayment and flashing securely in place, it’s time to install the new shingles.

The crew will start from the bottom edge of the roof and work their way up, laying shingles in an overlapping pattern to ensure proper coverage and water runoff.

Installing shingles involves a lot of precision.

Each shingle must be nailed down correctly to ensure it stays in place through all types of weather.

The crew will also cut shingles to fit around roof features like vents and chimneys.

This process is often the longest part of the roof replacement.

It can take anywhere from a few days to a week.

During this phase, expect some noise and activity as the crew works diligently to place each shingle.

Cleanup and Final Inspection

After the new shingles are installed, the roofing crew will focus on cleanup and a final inspection.

The crew will remove all debris, including old shingles, nails, and other materials that were part of the replacement process.

They will also use magnets to pick up any stray nails that might be in your yard.

The final inspection involves a thorough check of the entire roof.

The crew will look for any issues, such as loose shingles or areas that might need extra sealing.

They will also check that all the flashing is securely in place and that the new roof is watertight.

Roof Shingles Installation for Residential Roof Replacement

Understanding the shingle roof replacement steps helps you prepare for a smooth and successful project.

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