Roof Blistering

Roof Blistering in Phoenix FAQ’s

You’re glancing at your roof when you notice what looks like a bubble. It rises beneath the outermost roofing materials, and although it doesn’t look massive (yet), you can’t help but worry.

What is this strange bubble that’s appeared on your roof, and is it cause for alarm?

What you’ve noticed is roof blistering. While it isn’t an emergency repair, it isn’t something to be left alone either. Continue reading to learn the most frequently asked questions Phoenix homeowners have about roof blisters.

Why Do Roof Blisters Happen?

Roof blisters generally happen because air or water has gotten beneath the roofing materials. The most common cause is poorly adhered sections of the roof, although weather damage can also be a culprit. Excessive heat or cold can also contribute to roof blisters.

Should I Worry About a Single Blister?

While there isn’t any need to panic, even one roof blister is cause for concern. Although a single roof blister may not seem like a big deal, it generally indicates a larger problem. When one blister pops up on your roof, you’re likely to see more as time continues.

How Can I Prevent Roof Blistering?

The best way to prevent blistering is to have your roof properly installed by a professional roofing company in Phoenix. Keeping up with routine roof maintenance (including annual inspections) is another excellent way to prevent the problem. Sometimes prevention is impossible, such as when changes in the weather are a culprit.

How Are Roof Blisters Fixed?

A professional roofer can usually fix roof blisters easily. A patching process is often used, but the solution depends on several factors. The type of roof, materials used, age, and extent of damage are considerations when determining the best repair process.

What Happens if I Don’t Fix Roof Blistering?

If it isn’t fixed within a reasonable period, roof blistering can lead to significant roof damage. If the bubbles are caused by moisture, water damage is a significant concern. Bubbles generated by both air and water can lead to membrane damage or even holes in the roof.

Will Roof Blisters Pop?

Since they look like bubbles, many homeowners wonder if roof blisters will pop. They can, in fact, pop if the conditions are right. If the right conditions are met, blisters can expand enough that they burst and leave behind significant damage to your roof.

Do You Have More Questions About Roof Blistering in Phoenix?

Roof blistering in Phoenix is more common than most homeowners think. Although the cause of blisters is usually improper installation, other things can be to blame. The best way to fix the problem is to hire a professional roofer.

Do you have more questions about roof blistering in Phoenix? Or would you like to make an appointment about roof blistering on your home?

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