Roof Installation Costs Factors

Factors that Affect Roof Installation Costs

If you’re a homeowner or property manager in Phoenix, Mesa, or Scottsdale, you know how important it is to have a sturdy and reliable roof over your head.

However, if your roof is damaged beyond repair, you may be faced with the daunting task of choosing a roofing company and getting a new roof installed.

In this article, we’ll explore the different roof types, roof installation costs, and the importance of hiring a professional roofer.

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Tips for Stopping Water Leakage on Your Roof

3 Cost-Effective Tips for Stopping Water Leakage on Your Roof

Roughly 2% of insured homes make a claim each year due to water or ice damage.

Your home comes into contact with water every single day, and in a multitude of ways, so water damage can come from anywhere.

One potential source of water damage is a leaky roof.

While a leaky roof won’t do as much damage all at once, a small leak might go unnoticed for much longer.

This could cause just as much or more damage overall.

This raises the question of what to do if you do have a leaky roof.

We’ll talk about how to stop water leakage in this article.

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Foam Roof Repair Most Common Issues in AZ

Foam Roof Repair: Most Common Issues

The Phoenix metropolitan area was ranked at number 6 in the country for new apartment building constructions in 2022.

This boom in construction is good for assuaging pent-up demand from renters and businesses alike.

But what about the constructions themselves?

In the Phoenix area specifically, foam roofing is becoming a popular option for both residential and commercial buildings.

If you have a foam roof and want to know more about foam roof repair, we’ll explore a few of the most common issues with foam roofs today.

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Foam Roof Life Expectancy

What is the Typical Foam Roof Life Expectancy?

Did you know you can make a roof out of foam? Yeah!

Shingles and metal are no longer your only options.

Still, what’s the typical foam roof life expectancy, and what makes them so good? 

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Tips for Vetting Roof Replacement Companies

Vetting Roof Replacement Companies: 6 Hiring Tips

A roof is the heart of any building.

It provides protection from the elements and works to keep your home cool from the scorching Arizona heat.

Since Phoenix has extreme weather patterns, it’s essential to maintain and replace your roof before issues arise.

But how do you go about vetting roof replacement companies? 

Follow these easy to follow tips to guarantee you hire the best roof replacement companies Phoenix and Mesa have to offer. 

You’ll learn what to ask when hiring residential and light-commercial roof replacement companies near you. 

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Roof Fascia and Gutter Maintenance

10 Roof Fascia and Gutter Maintenance Tips

Professional roof fascia and gutter repair can become expensive, but homeowners can avoid many common emergency issues with some simple maintenance tips!

Every roof eventually needs replacing, but extending the life of your roofing system reduces the potential for frequent repairs or a full roof replacement too soon. Save money and avoid expensive repairs with these ten tips for roof fascia care!

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How to Winterize My Roof

How to Winterize My Roof if I Live in Phoenix?

Outsiders might think that it’s blazing hot in Arizona year-round, but we know the truth. Winter temperatures often dip below freezing at nighttime, and they only get into the 60s during the day. 

So, Arizonans need to learn how to winterize their roofs just like people in areas where winters are notoriously snowy and frigid. Here’s how to make sure your Phoenix abode is ready for winter from the outside-in. 

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Common Emergency Roof Repairs In Phoenix

Most Common Emergency Roof Repairs in Phoenix and How to Avoid Them

Extreme weather, inferior roofing materials, and unprofessional installation can cause havoc on residential roofs throughout the Phoenix Valley. Whether you have a tile, shingle, or flat roof, discovering roofing damage can cause frustration and put a pretty solid dent in your pocket-book. While each type of roof is different, there are a number of unique situations that can cause damage and lead to emergency roof repairs in Phoenix.

In the information posted below, we’ll explain the most popular types of roofs in Arizona, dive into the top 20 most common emergency roof repairs in Phoenix, and what you can do to reduce the potential of damage and extend the lifespan of your home’s roof.

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Leaking Skylight Roof Damage

Roof Damage That a Leaking Skylight Can Cause

Installing a skylight is a great way to add value to your home.

But if you aren’t careful, skylights can also be a great way to take value AWAY from your home. 


It all comes down to one word: leaks. 

A leaking skylight can cause a lot of damage, and living with one can even be dangerous. We’ve put together this guide to help you understand the dangers of a skylight leak, what causes them, and how to prevent them in the future. 

So let’s get started!  

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Cost of Residential Roof Repairs in Phoenix

Cost of Residential Roofing Repairs in Phoenix AZ

On average, Americans spend about $7,300 for a new roof. Some can cost as much as $100,000!

Considering roof replacements cost such a pretty penny, you probably want to try other things before resorting to such a drastic measure. For instance, you can patch things up and add a little more to the lifespan of your roof before getting a total replacement.

Are you wondering about the cost of residential roofing repairs in Phoenix, AZ? Then keep reading. We’ll break it down for you so you know what to expect.

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