How to Winterize My Roof

How to Winterize My Roof if I Live in Phoenix?

Outsiders might think that it’s blazing hot in Arizona year-round, but we know the truth. Winter temperatures often dip below freezing at nighttime, and they only get into the 60s during the day. 

So, Arizonans need to learn how to winterize their roofs just like people in areas where winters are notoriously snowy and frigid. Here’s how to make sure your Phoenix abode is ready for winter from the outside-in. 

1. Clean the Gutters

Even without giant leafy trees around your home, you should still check the gutters ahead of winter. 

You can clean them yourself or bring in a pro to clear out any clogged parts of the drainage system. You might also have to call in pest control services if you find birds, rodents or other animals that have moved into your house’s gutters. 

No matter what, it’s vital that you keep your gutters clear of obstruction. Blockages can leave water sitting on your roof, which causes damage. Or, it can cause water to pool and can actually ruin the foundation of your abode. 

2. Have a Roof Inspection

When winter temperatures drop to sub-freezing numbers, you will want to stay cozy indoors. You can’t do that with a leaky roof, though. 

So, bring in an expert to helm a fall roof inspection. They can pinpoint any weak areas or uncover gaps before winter rolls around. Having a strong roof overhead will keep heat in, after all. 

Having a roof inspection now means you have plenty of time for roof repairs, too. So, start thinking about winterizing your roof in the seasons ahead, not when it’s actually cold outside. 

3. Bulk Up Insulation and Ventilation

Having a strong roof overhead is just one half of the equation. You can’t winterize a house without the proper insulation in the attic. 

Once you’ve cleared the gutters and ensured your roof is in working order, finish the process by inspecting your insulation. Your roof inspector can helm this task, too. 

Inside of your attic, they can pinpoint any damage done by roof leaks. Experts can also see if you have a pest infestation — something else you’d want to take care of in the pre-winter months. 

You’ll also want to make sure that your attic has proper ventilation. If air escapes, your attic and roof won’t retain moisture. Otherwise, condensation could build up and cause structural damage to your home over time. 

But once you have functioning ventilation and strong insulation, your home will keep heat in and moisture out. This will save energy and cash on heating throughout winter, as hot air won’t be able to escape through roof gaps or insulation weaknesses. 

How to Winterize Your Roof? Start Now

You should start learning and answer your question on how to winterize my roof. Instead, you have to take steps in the seasons ahead to bolster your roof. That should keep you warm all winter long. 

We can help you with that, too — contact us today for a roof repair service or even a full-on replacement. No matter what, we can help you winterize your house just in time for the cold season ahead. 

Need winter roofing services in Phoenix? Reach out to the experts at AZ Roofing Works! We can even come out to your home for a Free Roofing Estimate! Call (602) 283-3383!

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