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AZ Roofing Works is a bonded, licensed, and insured roofing company based in Mesa, Arizona, that has served Mesa residential and light commercial property owners with superior roofing services. Our locally-owned roofing business offers home owners, real estate agents, and property managers high-quality roofing repair solutions. We leverage our dedication to quality over quantity, our extensive knowledge, and proven results. Our team is prompt, polite, and professional, making sure to place your safety and properties integrity and focus on superior craftsmanship.

Being a Mesa-based business, offering our service to local home owners, real estate professionals, and light commercial business property managers is simply easier. We take pride in establishing solid relationships with our local customers and go the extra mile for those in our home town who require roof repairs in Mesa.

AZ Roofing Works is proud of the relationships we’ve built with satisfied home owners, realtors, and more including this satisfied customer:

Wonderful experience! Curtis and Mallory, and roofing crews were the best! Professional, communicative, supportive, informative, clean and considerate of my 3 dogs. The quality of roofing materials very satisfactory. I could not be anything but an extremely satisfied customer.”
– Anne B.

Tile Roof Repair in Mesa

The most popular type of roof in Mesa is a tile roof. While a tile roof can last for more than 50-years, there are times when damage will occur when you’d least expect. Some of the most common tile roof repairs completed in Mesa include:

  • Cracked & Sliding Tiles: If a tile is cracked due to excessive exposure to our harsh weather conditions or being struck by debris or other natural causes, it will require replacement. If they are not repaired or replaced, leading and damage to the underlayment will eventually occur.
  • Corrosion: Excessive winds and blowing sand are common in Mesa and throughout the Phoenix Valley. Over time, the blowing sand will cause corrosion and lead to thin or worn out tiles. When they become too thin, they will require replacement to avoid damage to underlayment materials.
  • Edging Damage: Tile roof edging is designed to protect the roof’s deck, underlayment, and the soft material located underneath the tiles. If the edging is damaged, excessive water damage can occur during monsoon season storms.

Shingle Roof Repair in Mesa

Shingles are manufactured from polymer or asphalt and are typically less durable and lighter than tile. Unfortunately, this makes them prone to damage due to the lightweight construction. Most homes in Mesa commonly use shingle roofing that will eventually require replacement or repair. Here are a few common sources of shingle roof damage:

  • Granule Loss: Due to the blowing wind and exposure to the sun, the first part of the shingle to wear thin are usually the granules. As they wear out, they can warp, or lead to leaks.
  • Buckled or Curling Shingles: Asphalt or polymer shingles can easily buckle, warp, or curl due to extreme heat in Mesa most of the year. When the shingles are damaged, it can expose the underlayment.
  • Missing Shingles: It is also common for shingles to become loose – especially during the late summer monsoon season when thunderstorms and haboobs arrive.
  • Reduced Ventilation: Ventilation installed in a shingle roof permits air to flow in and out of the attic. When ventilation sources are clogged or damaged, it can lead to roof leaks.

Flat / Foam Roof Repair in Mesa

The flat or foam roof is another popular home roof style in Mesa. These roofs are made from multiple materials and are quite aesthetic and energy efficient. While they are usually installed quite well and with good materials, flat roofs are also prone to common roof repairs.

  • A Cracked Membrane: The membrane is installed under most flat roofs. While they are usually made from high-quality materials – unprofessional or poor installation can expedite problems that require repair.
  • Edge Damage: The edging on a flat roof is just as critical for protecting the underlayers and foundation. When it’s bent or damaged, it can cause water to leak underneath.
  • Ponding Water: Flat roofs are designed with several drainage points which helps to expedite the removal of standing water. If these drains become blocked, due to debris like leaves or dirt, ponding water is usually the result – which can damage the underlayment.

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