Roof Damage Tips

Roof Damage: 5 Essential Tips for Phoenix Homeowners

Have you ever wondered why the roofing industry’s worth $48.1 billion? Think about it. Arizona alone houses 7,378,490 people, among which 65.7% own their homes. That’s 4,847,668 people who know the importance of stable roofs.

Whether you’re a long-time homeowner or new to it, roof damage is something you’ll confront at some point.

Living in Phoenix means you’re no stranger to the desert and its friends: monsoon and microburst. Maintaining your roof in Phoenix looks different than in other places. Here’s what to know.

Roof Damage

Roof damage is tricky. You may imagine catastrophic symptoms like blown shingles, debris, and sunken areas. 

You’re not wrong. But the problem with a word like damage is that it can lead people to wait too long to care for their roof.

Why wait for a microburst to force roof care upon you? There are better ways. Knowing all signs of roof damage can help you be proactive. Here are 5 essential roofing tips to keep your roof safe.

1. Preventative Mindset

It’s easier to keep tabs on the home’s interior over the exterior. Especially since roofs rest on top of ourheads, they can be hard to monitor. For that reason, it’s smart to check on the roof often.

Shifting from reactive care—responding after a storm—to proactive care preserves a roof’s integrity.

2. Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance can’t happen without a proactive mindset. Tending to the roof often makes roof storm damage repair more manageable. 

Preventative maintenance looks like the following:

  • Cleaning downspouts, gutters, and drains
  • Monitoring shingles and panels for debris
  • Managing water drainage 
  • Checking the attic for water spots
  • Checking the roof after storms
  • Having repairs done when necessary

Preventative care prevents catastrophic blows to unkempt roofs. 

3. Know Your Roof

Being proactive helps you know your roof better. Ask yourself the following:

  • How old’s the home?
  • What’s the roof material?
  • When was it last replaced or repaired?
  • How does it respond to Arizona’s climate?

If the home’s known for wind damage to roof panels, it’s good to have that on your radar. Forward-thinking can help you save money and stress in the long term.

4. Know the Signs

Last year’s hail damage roof situation wasn’t cheap—it cost $3 billion in damages! Hail damage roof repairs may look different than wind damage roof repairs so it’s good to prepare for it all.

If you have any of the following symptoms, it’s time for an upgrade.

  • Sitting water 
  • Rotted spots
  • Cracked panels 
  • Debris in the yard
  • Damage on the roof edges

Each roofing material responds differently to climates and storms. How’s yours holding up? 

5. Know Your Contractors

There may come a time when you don’t know whether to replace or repair your roof. Since roofs are investments, it makes sense to replace it after a certain time.

Knowing your contractors can ease the stress of unanswered questions in uncertain times.

Healthy Roofs Make Happy Homes

Roof damage comes with the territory of being an Arizona homeowner. The good news is roofs encourage mindful and attentive homeowners. The earlier you intervene, the better.

You may even find that roof knowledge heightens your appreciation for your home! Life would look very different without roofs.

Get a free estimate today to see how we can Arizona-proof your roof!

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