How To Stop Arizona Monsoon Roof Problems

How To Stop Arizona Monsoon Roof Problems Before They Start

If you moved to Arizona and you’re worried about missing the four seasons, don’t fret. Even here, in the Valley of the Sun, you’ll experience winter, spring, summer, and fall.

You also get a bonus season—it’s called the Arizona Monsoon.

Our monsoon season runs from June 15-September 30.

For homeowners, the most significant challenges faced during this time of unsettled weather are roof problems.

Read on for tips on how to prevent water and wind damage to your roof.

Taking preventative measures means you can have peace of mind about your roof even when the wind howls all around you.

Stop Leaks Before They Start

Considering the relentless rains and heavy winds associated with Arizona monsoons, it’s no wonder homeowners experience roof leaks.

The cause of leaks vary, but poor roof design is one culprit.

Flat roofs are a signature architectural feature of many Arizona homes.

Under normal weather conditions, the intense heat dries up rainwater on the roof quickly.

The amount of rain during monsoon season is often too much for a poorly designed flat roof to handle. 

You can prevent roof water damage by putting a stop to leaks before they start.

Schedule a roof inspection every year so that your roofing contractor can address small problems and correct them early.

Annual inspections and roof maintenance helps identify loose tiles, sagging, and other areas where your roof needs attention before the monsoon rains and roof leaks arrive.

Avoid Broken Shingles and Tiles

As if the heavy rainfall isn’t trying enough, monsoon season also features wind damage to shingle and tile roofs.

The challenge with traditional asphalt shingles is that abrupt winds can tear them right off the roof.

Tiles are much more wind-resistant, but tree limbs falling on them may cause them to crack.

Anytime you have missing or broken roofing materials, you risk water seeping through to your sub-decking.

Since it could take months for you to notice, the roof and the structure underneath can suffer severe damage.

As part of your roof maintenance program, trim tree branches hanging over the roof.

Annual roof inspections also give your roofing contractor a chance to check for loose or damaged roofing materials

Keep Gutters Free from Clutter

You may not realize it, but your gutter system plays a critical role in protecting your roof.

Monsoon winds don’t only damage roofs. They loosen gutters. Loose gutters allow water to drain less efficiently.

You may end up with leaves, branches, and debris kicked up by the wind and deposited in the gutters.

Then, the gutter clogs, which may cause water to back up onto the roof or underneath your shingles or tiles.

If you can, clean the gutters at least once a year.

If you’re not comfortable climbing a ladder, most roofing contractors offer gutter cleaning services.

Need More Help Preventing Roof Problems?

There is truth to that old saying: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you follow the preventative tips in this post, you may save yourself time, money, and aggravation once the Arizona monsoon season arrives.

If you need more advice about preventing roof problems, get in touch with us!

We’re happy to schedule an free roof inspection or any other type of roofing service you need.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your roof fixed. If you are unsure about the state of your roof, call the experts at AZ Roofing Works for a Free Roofing Estimate at (602) 283-3383 Today!

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