How to Get a Free Estimate on Roof Inspection AZ

How to Get a Free Estimate on Roof Inspection & What to Expect

Living in Arizona means you get plenty of opportunities to soak up some natural Vitamin D, take a dip in the pool, and enjoy almost year-round great weather.

If you get tired of the sun and heat, you slip into your air-conditioned home and recharge.

Too bad your roof can’t do the same!

The sometimes brutal heat and harsh sunlight take a toll on Arizona roofs.

If your roof is nearing the end of its useful life, read today’s post.

We’ve put together helpful tips on free estimates on roof jobs and other things homeowners should consider when preparing to repair or replace the roof.

What a Roofing Contractor Includes in Your Estimate

If you’ve never had work done on your roof, you may feel surprised when you look at the estimates from different roofing companies.

Since you’ll likely get at least estimates from 2-3 roofing contractors, you’ll find differences in the way each contractor puts together their proposal.

Some present handwritten bids, while others present a lengthy, official-looking document.

You might even receive an estimate on a fill-in-the-blank type form, or a roofing estimate template.

All of the above can include the necessary details. Look for the following in your estimate:

  • Cost of Labor and Materials
  • Permit Costs
  • Cost for Cleanup and Removal of Debris
  • Start and Finish Dates
  • Payment Terms

All estimates should include details about the materials used for your project.

You’ll want to know what type of underlayment, shingles, and flashing your contractor will install.

You should also find information on warranties available for both the products and the quality of work.

Finally, all estimates should include proof of the contractor’s license, liability insurance, and workman’s compensation.

You can even ask your contractor if they can give a roof estimate sample to review.

Are Estimates for Roof Jobs Even Necessary?

Whether you’re repairing a leak, or investing in a total roof replacement, you’ll want to know how much money you’ll need before starting the project.

More than that, though, when you have an estimate, it helps you narrow down your selection of contractors.

Use your estimate as a tool to help you separate the quality contractors from those who might not do the best job.

Estimates also help you weed out those few roofing companies who overcharge customers.

Here’s another thing to consider about estimates.

The cost of your project will depend on the type and quality of the roofing materials you choose.

If you choose eco-friendly or low maintenance shingles, you may find a significant cost difference.

A contractor can put together estimates based on several different material types.

An estimate allows you to have most questions about your project answered before you hire a contractor.

Is There a Difference Between an Estimate and an Inspection?

Most roofing companies offer estimates and inspections.

Estimates are usually free, while most contractors charge for an inspection.

There’s a difference between the two!

If you already know you have a roof leak or several missing shingles, you should choose the estimate.

You know you need the work done, and you’re looking for information about cost.

Homeowners who aren’t sure about the condition of the roof and want to know how much longer it will last should schedule an inspection.

Roof inspections can also detect problems you haven’t noticed.

For those homeowners who are in the process of selling their home, there’s another service some roofing contractors offer.

We’ll talk about that next!

Ever Heard of a Roof Certification?

Whether you’re selling a home, or you’ve found a house to buy, the condition of the roof can make or break a real estate transaction.

In some cases, lenders won’t underwrite home loans based on the state of the roof.

Here is where a roof certification can enhance the home you’re buying or selling.

A certification documents the fact that a roof has been inspected and is problem-free. Certifications also show recent repairs.

In the roof certification, you’ll find a statement of how long the roof should last.

Most certifications range from 2-5 years.

When buying or selling a home, you’ll want to know the date of the last inspection. The certification sweetens the deal.

Keep in mind that home inspections typically don’t include a roof inspection.

A home inspector will observe the basic condition of the roof, but won’t go any further. Only a licensed roofing contractor can issue a roof certification.

Sellers should strongly consider looking for a contractor who offers roof certifications.

While it’s a given that all roofing companies know how to how to estimate a roofing job, not all do certifications.

How Does a Roofing Contractor Certify a Roof?

You already know an estimate should include the details of your roofing project, including cost and type of materials.

Certifications don’t deal at all with the cost of materials. When certifying a roof, a contractor observes the following:

  • Age and Type of Roof
  • Roof Pitch
  • Overall Condition of the Roof
  • Missing or Broken Shingles
  • Number of Roofing Material Layers
  • Ridges, caps, and drip edges
  • Condition of Gutter System
  • Condition of Flashing
  • Quality of Previous Repairs
  • Signs of Damage

Roof inspectors look at both the interior and exterior condition of the roof. They put together a report, including photos.

Since the seller covers the cost of any pre-listing roof repairs, replacements, inspections, and certifications, it’s always wise to find a roofing company that provides comprehensive services.

Look for a contractor who offers free estimates and can also take care of your certification.

Need to Schedule a Free Roofing Estimate?

Getting a free estimate on roof inspection is as simple as requesting one from a roofing company. All contractors who do roof jobs, know how to estimate roofing.

Many (but not all) can come out and inspect a roof. Not all roofing contractors offer certifications.

If you’re in the Phoenix Valley and need a roof estimate, roof inspection, roof repairs, or you’re considering a roof replacement, contact the team at AZ Roofing Works today and request a free estimate or inspection.

We have worked with and continue to work with and support real estate agents, and brokerages. We have an understanding the unique needs and strict deadlines that need to be met.

We’re a locally owned roofing company that brings extensive experience with proven results. Let’s talk about how we can help you with your roofing needs!

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