Most Common Leaking Roof Repair Myths

5 of the Most Common Leaking Roof Repair Myths Debunked

As a homeowner, your roof is one of the most important pieces of your property. Not only does your roof protect you and your family but it also shelters you from the elements and maintains the energy efficiency of your home. This is especially important in the Southwest. 

When it comes to leaking roof repair, it isn’t something you want to leave to chance or to a do-it-yourself weekend project. Local roof repair contractors can help make sure your roof is in proper working shape and will repair or replace your roof properly. 

There is a lot of misinformation out there about how to repair roof shingles or fixing leaking roofs. This guide is here to clear up five of the most common roofing myths.

Misinformation and roofing myths can cost you a lot of time and money. If your roof isn’t properly maintained, it may even decrease the value of your home.

From where leaks are coming from to replacing shingles, here are some of the most common roofing myths debunked.

Myth #1: If You Don’t See Leaks There Isn’t a Problem

If you don’t see a leak in your home, you may think there isn’t anything wrong with your roof. If your roof is older and hasn’t been inspected in a while, you could be missing damage that will cost you money in the near future.

All roofs have a lifespan. No matter what, your roof will need to be inspected, repaired, or replaced eventually. Keeping up with roof maintenance is one of the best ways you can ensure you get the most life out of your roof.

When you purchased your home, you may not even know for certain when your roof was replaced or last looked at. If you don’t know the age of your roof, you might not even realize there are leaks you can’t see or damage.

Myth #2: All Roofs Are The Same

One of the biggest myths out there is that all roofs are the same. Not all roof tiles and shingles are not created equal.

There is also a lot of tile and foam and flat roofing in Arizona and a professional can better asses what type of roof you have. 

Many times, you may think if you need a new shingle or tile roof repair, that you can just grab a cheap replacement at the hardware store. Not all shingles and tiles are the same quality.

If you buy a cheap shingle and try to do a patch job, you may be making a costly mistake.

It’s best to consult with a professional regarding your roof repairs and which tiles or shingles are the right ones for your roof. A roofing professional will be able to assess the damage and see what needs to be repaired or replaced. 

If you have tile and foam or flat roofing, you’ll want to have this professionally inspected as you won’t be able to use any shingle from a store. 

Myth #3: Your Roof Warranty Means No Maintenance

Just because you have a warranty on your roof, doesn’t mean it is covered when it gets damaged in a storm or by normal wear and tear. 

Your warranty likely only covers the workmanship when it was installed and any defects from the manufacturer.

It is important to remember that a common misconception is that your roof warranty covers everything that happens to your roof. This can be a costly mistake if you don’t look over your paperwork and still keep up with your roof maintenance. 

In the Southwest, the sun can be brutal. Keeping up with your roof will save you a ton of money on air conditioning. 

Myth #4: You Can Fix Your Roof With New Tiles or Shingles 

It is a common myth when it comes to roof repairs that you can fix a leak or broken shingles or tiles with new ones. While patching in your roof with new tiles may sometimes work, in many cases, this is just a band-aid for a bigger problem.

Many do-it-yourself homeowners also try to just add shingles on top of existing shingles. This could actually see you falling foul of building codes.

Another problem is when you remove layers of shingles or tiles you may damage the roof underneath. When your roof gets damaged you open it up to leaks and the elements.

It is best to let the professionals assess whether or not you can repair your roof or if it needs to be replaced.

Myth #5: You Can Fix Your Tile Roof Yourself

Many well-meaning homeowners hope to repair their roofs themselves. Although it may seem like it will save you money at first, you will often need to get your roof repaired by a Phoenix-area professional sooner than later.

If you aren’t sure how to repair or replace your roof yourself, you may end up spending more money to fix things that were done incorrectly.

Using a professional will save you money in the long run.  Not only will you be sure that your roof repairs are done correctly, but you will also rest easy knowing that your home is protected against water damage and the elements. 

Why Roof Repairs Are So Important

It is so important to keep your roof in good shape.  From protecting your home from the hot Arizona sun to keeping water and debris out, your roof provides you and your family much-needed protection.

When your roof is properly maintained, you will also see any investment you make, come back to you in the value of your home.

A properly maintained roof will also save you heating and cooling costs

When You Need Leaking Roof Repair Professionals

When you need your roof repaired or inspected in the Phoneix area, using a local professional will help ensure the job is done right.

If you damage your roof trying to replace or repair it yourself, you may devalue your home or cause further damage. 

There is a lot of do-it-yourself content online today and some misinformation as well. When it comes to leaking roof repair, do your homework, watch out for myths, and work with a local professional you can trust and who knows the weather and common roofing styles in the Southwest. 

If you’re ready to get your leaking roof inspected by a local roofing professional, fill out the contact form here to get started with your next project.