How to Winterize My Roof

How to Winterize My Roof if I Live in Phoenix?

Outsiders might think that it’s blazing hot in Arizona year-round, but we know the truth. Winter temperatures often dip below freezing at nighttime, and they only get into the 60s during the day. 

So, Arizonans need to learn how to winterize their roofs just like people in areas where winters are notoriously snowy and frigid. Here’s how to make sure your Phoenix abode is ready for winter from the outside-in. 

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Roofing certifications in AZ

Roofing Certifications in AZ: What Is It and When Do I Need One?

Did you know that home inspections often overlook an important part of the house?

It’s true, that the roof does not receive as much attention as other areas during a home inspection.

Home inspectors will inspect the roof from ground level, and most will walk the roof to check it as long as it’s safe.

This inspection will not give home buyers the in-depth information provided by a roofing certification.

Since each state has its own rules, you will want to work with a local roofing firm for your certification.

AZ Roofing Works conducts roofing certifications in AZ that are accurate and detail-oriented.

Read on to learn some key roofing certification tips.

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Arizona Roofing Maintenance Tips for Summer

Arizona Roofing Maintenance Tips for Summer Heat & Monsoons

Summer in Arizona is hot, wet, and windy.

Glaring 110-degree heat combined with monsoon wind and rain can be a disastrous combination for your roof if you aren’t prepared.

Be proactive and make sure your roof is ready for the upcoming summer heat and monsoon season.

Take care of any roof repair and maintenance before small issues become large problems.

Keep on reading for some helpful Arizona roofing maintenance tips.

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Common Roof Problems

7 Common Roof Problems That Most Home Owners Will Encounter

Nothing sounds as peaceful as a gentle thunder rumbling in the distance and the calm sound of raindrops on a roof.

But when the patter of rain on your roof turns to a nagging drip on your floor, peace turns to panic. 

You have roof problems, and you need a solution now. 

Your home is only as good as the roof that covers it.

If your roof fails you, you can’t stay in that house anymore.

Understanding the causes of your roof problems will help you avoid long-term damage and keep your roof solid over your head. 

Keep reading to learn about the seven most common roof problems and how to avoid them. 

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Hiring a Mesa Arizona Roofing Company

Hiring a Mesa Roofing Company? 8 Must Ask Questions

Did you know that there are about 5 million new roofs that are installed each year in the United States of America?

Repairing or replacing your roof is inevitable, so it is important to make sure that you hire the best roofing company to help you get the roof you need.

The vetting process is done best by asking the questions that will generate the answers that you need when looking for Mesa, Arizona roof contractors.

But what questions should you ask?

Keep reading to learn more about the best questions to ask when hiring a Mesa roofing company to repair or replace your roof.

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Top Roof Maintenance Tips

Top 10 Roof Maintenance Tips for AZ Homeowners

Are you keeping your roof in top condition?

The roofs on our homes are the first line of defense against keeping us protected from the elements. They help keep our homes dry, comfortable, and sheltered. But if you’re not maintaining them, it’s easy for them to fall into disrepair.

Read on for these top 10 roof maintenance tips to make sure your roof is always in tip-top condition.

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