Roof Replacement: How Often and What to Consider

As a homeowner, you should view your home as an investment.

Sadly, it’s the part of the house that most homeowners ignore.

You should never disregard a problem even if it’s a minor one.

A minor roof issue can lead to a roof collapse.

Don’t put your family at risk of a major roofing disaster like this one.

Now, you might be asking: “roof replacement: how often?” 

Read on to learn the answer to this question. 

The Average Lifespan of a Roof

To answer the question, “roof replacement: how often?,” you need to know what the average lifespan of a roof is.

The average lifespan of a roof is based on the roofing material used. 

Let’s start by talking about asphalt shingle roofs.

On average, this type of roof should last 15-20 years.

This is the case for 3-tab asphalt shingle roofs. 

The average lifespan for architectural asphalt shingle roofs differs.

These roofs are more resilient to the elements.

You can expect your architectural asphalt shingle roof to last up to 30 years. 

Wood shingles can last anywhere between 25-30 years.

Due to the maintenance required, their lifespan might be less.

The best policy is to keep this type of roof free of debris. 

Clay and cement tile roofs are very resilient.

This can help them last at least 50 years. 

Slate roofs are also very durable.

These can last 100 years or longer. 

Signs That Indicate You Need to Replace Your Roof

There are several signs that indicate that you should get a new roof.

Holes and leaks are two of the common signs that suggest you need a roof replacement. 

Even if you see small cracks, you need to take action.

These cracks can still let moisture in.

They can become bigger in no time and lead to the buildup of puddles in your attic. 

Failing to replace your roof in this instance can lead to the presence of mold.

This is one issue that you will not want to deal with. 

If you see circular stains, you might have a leak.

Roof repairs for leaks are common, but sometimes it’s best to replace the entire roof.

You don’t want to end up with a sagging ceiling.

You might find exterior roof damage after a strong storm.

Wind damage can include missing granules as well as missing shingles. 

Strong winds can leave you with a damaged roof.

If you have a roof in dire disrepair, you might be better off with a new roof. 

Roof Replacement: How Often?

Homeowners should never neglect taking care of their roofs.

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Roof replacement: how often?” you can act as soon as you see any warning signs. 

Do you have any roofing issues that you believe indicate you need a new roof?

Contact us to learn how we can help take care of your roofing needs.

We can replace your roof if there’s a need to do so. 

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