Is it Time For A New Roof

How to Tell It’s Time For A New Roof

Having a faulty roof can cause problems from decreasing your home’s resale value to increasing health risks.

For this reason, knowing how to tell when you need a new roof is imperative for personal and financial well-being. 

To ensure that you avoid these issues, you should monitor these five signs of deterioration. 

1. It Is Well-Aged 

For most people, replacing your roof is recommended after 30 years of use. This timeline may vary depending on the amount of damage it has endured. 

Factors like shingle quality, quality of craftmanship during installation and weather will also impact your roof’s lifespan. 

In general, you should consider replacing it between 20 and 30 years after its initial installation. 

2. You Have High Energy Bills 

Depletion of your roof’s quality is a key reason why your energy bills may have increased.

This sign may indicate that your roof is no longer providing efficient insulation or ventilation. 

In most cases, replacing your entire roof is recommended.

A simple repair may do the trick however, it is not the best option for long-term solutions. 

3. It Is Visibly Decaying  

The most straightforward way to determine if you should replace your roof is by looking at it and assess any damage.

Shingles are one of the most common roof materials used due to their durability however they are still vulnerable to deterioration. 

Your shingles may curl, crack or crumble as a result of weathering over the years. 

Failure to tend to these issues may result in extended damage throughout your home such as leaks and mold growth.  

4. Your Gutters Have Shingle Granules 

Besides curling, cracking and crumbling your shingles can also deteriorate by stripping away from weather damage.

If possible, you should assess your gutters to see if there are any pieces of shingles in them. 

Checking your gutters provides an extra way to tell if your roof needs replaced.

Even if your shingles look fine, the gutters may tell another story. 

Finally, bald spots on your shingles are another way you can tell it’s time to install a new roof.

5. It Is Water Damaged

The good thing about water damage is that you can detect it early on. 

If a leak does occur, your home’s interior may produce wet or dark spots and a foul odor. 

With that said, leaks can leave excessive damage if not tended to quickly.

You should contact a professional right away since leaving this issue may create more damage than it did initially. 

Installing Your New Roof

Noticing any of the signs mentioned above is a key indicator that you need a new roof.

Failure to replace or repair your roof may result in unwanted costs due to excessive and preventable damage. 

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Our experts are eager to help you choose from a variety of roofing options when planning your new roof. 

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