Tips for Stopping Water Leakage on Your Roof

3 Cost-Effective Tips for Stopping Water Leakage on Your Roof

Roughly 2% of insured homes make a claim each year due to water or ice damage.

Your home comes into contact with water every single day, and in a multitude of ways, so water damage can come from anywhere.

One potential source of water damage is a leaky roof.

While a leaky roof won’t do as much damage all at once, a small leak might go unnoticed for much longer.

This could cause just as much or more damage overall.

This raises the question of what to do if you do have a leaky roof.

We’ll talk about how to stop water leakage in this article.

Find the Leak

The first step to dealing with any leak is finding where the leak is and why it’s happening.

This can be especially difficult with roof leaks because the roof is a large area.

It also might not be immediately noticeable if you have an attic that you don’t often use or insulation just below the roof.

One of the most telling signs of a leak is the development of mildew or even mold.

Molds thrive in wet conditions, so a leaky roof is a perfect place for them.

Check for Roof Damage

Some of the best evidence for a roof leak might come from the roof itself.

If you notice any damage to the roof, there’s a good chance that the leak came from there.

The good news is that if the leak is caused by roof damage, fixing the roof will stop it.

Unfortunately, fixing a roof can be quite expensive, and sometimes it’s more cost-effective to replace part of the roof than to fix it.

1. Roof Sealant

The type of roof you have will influence what kind of repairs you can do.

If the leak is small enough, roof sealant should suffice.

Roof sealant, as the name implies, is a  type of sealant designed specifically to be used on roofs.

If your roof leak is the result of a small hole or a crack, try using a sealant.

2. Replace Damaged Materials

Whether you have a shingled, tiled, or wooden roof, the materials can get damaged, and if the damage is significant, you have to replace part of the roof.

Keep in mind that even a small part of the roof can warrant replacement if it’s damaged enough.

Even a shingle or two can let in a leak, so it’s still worth it to replace one shingle.

3. Fix the Joints

One of the most common causes of roof leaks is damaged joints.

Joints are the areas where one part of the roof connects to another, such as where a chimney is or where there’s a sudden bend in the roof’s shape.

In most cases, caulk or sealant should be enough.

However, you should always hire a professional if you don’t trust yourself to fix it.

How to Stop Water Leakage: A Guide

If you’re wondering how to stop water leakage, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve offered some advice on fixing a roof leak in this article, but there’s a lot more we can help with, too.

Feel free to contact us at AZ Roofing Works if you have questions or are in need of our services.

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