Foam Roof Repair Most Common Issues in AZ

Foam Roof Repair: Most Common Issues

The Phoenix metropolitan area was ranked at number 6 in the country for new apartment building constructions in 2022.

This boom in construction is good for assuaging pent-up demand from renters and businesses alike.

But what about the constructions themselves?

In the Phoenix area specifically, foam roofing is becoming a popular option for both residential and commercial buildings.

If you have a foam roof and want to know more about foam roof repair, we’ll explore a few of the most common issues with foam roofs today.

Susceptible to Punctures

While spray foam provides an airtight barrier to the elements, it is still susceptible to damage.

A common problem people run into with foam roofing is its poor resistance to punctures. 

A well-insulated home or building starts with the roof.

A foam roof with unattended punctures allows heat to escape and water to potentially leak in, further damaging the inside of a home or building.

Inclement weather can be a major cause of punctures with foam roofing.

It can lead to things such as sharp branches, nails, or dropped tools to hit the top silicone layer of the roof, thus causing punctures and overall damage.

Limited Install Window

Installation of a foam roof is tricky, as the conditions for installation are very specific.

Meaning, it must be warm, dry, with minimal wind as it might cause potential over spray.

Foam roof installations typically happen at temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

To that end, installation windows for foam roofing projects are limited.

Because the best weather conditions for foam roof installations are warm and dry, places like Phoenix have ideal conditions for this type of roofing installation.

Improper Application

The spray foam used for foam roofing is made up of a combination of chemicals that require specific conditions for proper application.

Therefore, roof repair safety is of utmost importance.

Professionals with the right knowledge and skill set should be the only ones conducting installation or foam roof maintenance.

Application and repairs should only be conducted by those with a high level of expertise in order to avoid long-term damage to a home or building.

Improper application at the outset might lead to unnecessary roof repairs down the road or having to incur additional roof repair costs.

Irregular Maintenance

A common issue with foam roof insulation is the capacity for irregular maintenance leading to foam roof damage.

Because foam roofing requires professional application, professional maintenance should be followed as well.

However, foam roofing does require regular upkeep.

Irregular maintenance can lead to things like exposed foam, cracks, holes, and the overall degradation of the roof over time.

Foam roofs should be regularly inspected and repaired to extend the life of the foam roof.

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