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Time for New Foam Roofing in AZ? Top 7 FAQs

Did you know that foam roofing has been around since the 1960s? Most people have not even heard about it because there are not many contractors who can offer it, but it is an option that can benefit homeowners in Arizona.

If you are in need of a new roof, a spray foam roof can be an intriguing option, but what can you expect from it?

To help you decide if it is right for you, let us look at some frequently asked questions about foam roofing in AZ.

1. What Is Foam Roofing?

A foam roof is made of spray foam, also known as SPF roofing. The foam is polyurethane, made with isocyanate and polyol, and then mixed together in a sprayer.

It is applied in liquid form onto the roof surface.

The foam starts bubbling and expanding, allowing it to cover all of the cracks and gaps in the roof.

The roofing company will then apply a protective outer layer to ensure the elements do not ruin the foam.

2. What Is Spray Foam Good For?

A spray foam roof excels at preventing heat transfer.

In areas like Mesa or Phoenix, AZ, where the summer heat can be stifling, a foam roof will ensure your home remains cool.

It also offers excellent protection from moisture.

Because the foam fills in every crevice and crack on the roof surface, you do not have to worry about water making it into your home. It can help prevent water damage, mold, and other concerns.

3. What Benefits Does It Offer?

Foam roofs can offer a number of benefits, with energy savings leading the way.

The polyurethane material is an effective thermal insulator, making it easier for your air conditioning unit to maintain a comfortable temperature level in your home without overworking.

You can expect your foam roof to cut your cooling costs by 30 percent.

An SPF roof is also cost-efficient.

Although it is more expensive than shingles, it is about the same cost-wise as tile roofing.

Add the serious energy efficiency they offer and you can be sure the roof will pay for itself in a handful of years.

Another benefit foam roofing offers is simple repairs.

When a regular roof gets damaged, it can mean a huge undertaking and lots of expenses.

With a foam roof, the roofing company will usually just apply a new layer of foam.

You also do not have to worry about weight with a foam roof.

Heavy roofing materials can put a lot of stress on your home and there are many homes that cannot benefit from tile roofing, for example, because the structure was not built to withstand that weight.

Foam roofing is lightweight so if you have a home made only for shingles, you can still opt for a foam roof.

Spray foam roofing can last for decades.

There are still homes around from the 60s with their original SPF roof.

Not only does this long lifespan save you the hassle of dealing with roof repairs, but it can also save you substantial expenses.

4. Is It Appropriate for All Homes?

Foam roofing is perfect for flat roofs like you can find in homes made in the Southwestern and adobe styles that make Arizona architecture so striking.

In addition, it’s common to see a garage with a flat roof.

If you live somewhere with high levels of heat, a foam roof can offer the energy efficiency you need.

5. What Is the Installation Like?

Installing a foam roof is simpler than installing other types of roofs.

Once you have a dependable roofing company experienced in foam roofing, you will want them to check your current roof and inspect for issues.

To install the roof, the professional roofer will spray the foam onto the roof using a hose.

The material will expand to up to 30 times its original size and seal the roof completely.

If you have top-quality roofers, you will not see so much as a lump on the surface.

How long the installation process will take depends on the size and configuration of your home, but you can expect anywhere from one to three days.

6. What Is the Maintenance Like?

A foam roof is durable and tough, but there is still some maintenance you have to perform.

As with any other kind of roofing material, you do not want to put heavy furniture or equipment on it and you want to keep it clean and free of debris.

After a heavy storm, you want to go up to the roof and inspect it to see if there has been any damage.

Periodically, you will have to call experts to reseal the top layer of the roof but usually, this only has to happen every ten years or so.

If you do see damage that does not require a new layer of foam, a bit of caulking, silicone, or other roofing materials.

7. How Long Will the Foam Roof Last?

If you maintain it and reseal it as needed, you can expect your foam roof to last anywhere from 20 to 30 years before you need to add another coat.

It has a much longer lifespan than other roofing materials.

Consider Foam Roofing

Foam roofing can be the solution for homes in Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona.

They are long-lasting and can offer the insulation from moisture and heat you need.

At AZ Roofing Works, we are here to ensure you get the quality results you want for your property.

Contact us today to learn more about foam roofing!

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