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Do You Know How Old Your Roof Is? 5 Signs You Need a New Roof in Mesa AZ

Although the sky might not fall, your roof can. 

The year 2018 saw massive haboobs roar across Arizona, spurred by the exhausts of previous storms. These dust storms contain such strong winds that they blow roofs entirely off of houses. 

Needless to say, the harsh weather takes a toll—even on roofs that withstand the storms. So when is it time to replace the roof or risk it collapsing on your head?

These five indicators are surefire signs you need a new roof. Find out what to look for so that you don’t have to worry about your world crashing down.  

5 Signs You Need a New Roof

If you notice these signs, don’t panic. We’ll help you understand what they mean and how you can go about investigating. 

1. Your Roof Is Past Its Life Expectancy

Your roof might have reached an age where it’s time to replace it. Knowing if it has, however, requires investigating when the roof was added and what type of roof you have. 

Most asphalt shingle roofs have a life expectancy of around 15 to 40 years. These are the most common type of roofing materials today due to their lower costs. 

Tile roofs, which are excellent for hot climates, last much longer, with some individuals never needing replacements for half a century. Stone tiles average 50 years. Clay and concrete last up to a century. 

Find that paperwork and see if your roof has reached the winter years. 

What to Do If You Have an Old Roof

If you have an old roof, more than likely you’ll have to replace it. This is a costly endeavor that requires careful research and knowledge

Start by hiring a trustworthy professional to inspect the roof and give an estimate. Always request client references and check for certifications.

Ask if additional layers could be added without harm to the house and research any requirements within your city. Then, decide on a material. 

Consider your state’s weather and yearly climate in picking the material, and always discuss options with professionals. 

2. There Are Sagging Areas

Sagging areas also indicate it’s time for a new roof. 

Check the exterior for moisture and rotting boards. Especially pay attention to lower areas, as these are prone to sagging. 

Inside, look for cracks. 

There are several possible reasons for sagging roofs, including: 

  • Leaks
  • Framing issues stemming from weight and wear
  • Warped sheathing
  • Defects
  • Heavy impacts

While individuals with sagging roofs should call professionals immediately, not all scenarios require total roof replacements. 

What to Do If You Have a Sagging Roof

Before anything else, contact a professional. He or she will inspect the roof to find the cause. 

Because of the varying circumstancing leading to a sagging roof, repairs vary. Some are simple in nature and others require extensive repairs or complete replacements. 

3. Moss Has Found a Home

It might look pretty, but moss on top of roofs is not a good sign. 

The growth of moss indicates moisture is on the roof, and that means there could be leaks or collected water. Further, as moss grows, it collects more water, adding weight to the roof and increasing the risks of leaks and rot.

Moss likes to grow in shady areas, so conduct an exterior investigation of your roof. Look in the corners and at edges for moss, fungi or algae. If you notice growths, here’s what to do. 

What to Do If You Have Moss

The best measure against moss is regular cleaning. Even leaf buildup might encourage moss. 

Scrub the tiles with a bleach-water mixture and brush away the moss. Hire a professional to do it for you to avoid further damage, as improper cleaning can lead to leaks.

If the moss problem is extensive, seek the advice of professionals. Extensive moss may indicate water damage, meaning the roof is unsafe to walk on. A professional can evaluate the damage and discuss repairs with you. 

4. There Is Water Damage

If you notice any leaks within the house, in the attic or in the basement, it may mean it’s time to replace your roof. 

Leaks occur when water finds its way through the roof and into your house or walls. However, an area with water damage doesn’t mean the roofing directly above it needs repairs. Sometimes, water travels before seeping through walls and ceilings. 

Water damage is dangerous because it compromises the integrity of your house’s structure. For that reason, address a leak immediately. 

What to Do If You Have Water Damage

If you notice any leaks or stains, you most likely have water damage. 

Luckily, damage that’s addressed right away usually requires small repairs. Extensive damage or leaks that have gone untended for long periods result in heavier repairs or entire roof replacements. 

Professionals will find the source of the leak to determine how extensive the damage is. 

5. Granule Loss and Curling

Other symptoms telling homeowners it’s time to replace a roof include granule loss and curling. 

Severe weather encourages curled shingles. Although it might be tempting to ignore them, curled shingles only worsen over time. This is a sign of old age and weathering. 

Another symptom is shingle granules in the gutters. If you notice small pieces of asphalt in the gutters, it means the shingles are deteriorated. 

Many times, these symptoms indicate your roof is at its last stage of life. 

What to Do If You Have Granule Loss or Curling

Granule loss or curling in small amounts requires minimal repairs. However, lots of granules in the gutter or many curled shingles mean it’s time to replace that roof. 

Consider how old your roof is. If it’s young, the reasons for the granule loss or curling could be due to other factors.

Improper ventilation and incorrectly installed roofs can cause curling. Low-quality shingles can also cause premature granule loss.

Speak to an expert to determine the cause of these symptoms, as this determines the next steps in the process. 

Don’t Let Your World Crash Down 

The signs you need a new roof are easy to spot but don’t assume an entirely new roof is in the works. 

Speak to our knowledgeable professionals to learn more about what your roof needs. From minimal repairs to entire roof replacements, our team has the expertise to assist you. 

Don’t let your world come crashing down. Stay safe, snug and secure under a roof that can weather the storms. 

Is your roof showing signs of damage? Call AZ Roofing Works. We are a top Mesa roofing company specializing in roof repairs and replacements! Contact us online or call our office directly at (602) 283-3383.

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