Roof Replacement in Gilbert

It can be down-right frustrating finding damage to a roof. Whether it’s caused by a blown-down tree, a haboob, or simple wear and tear, replacing a tile, shingle or flat residential or light commercial roof in Gilbert is made easy when you work with AZ Roofing Works. The team at AZ Roofing Works has served Gilbert home owners, real estate agents, property managers and more with high-quality roof replacement and repair services. Our team of licensed, insured, and bonded residential roofing experts focus on quality with every interaction, always act in a professional manner, and complete detailed clean up when we are finished.

AZ Roofing Works serves real estate professionals, commercial building owners, and home owners throughout Gilbert and surrounding cities, including this satisfied customer:

AZ Roofing has great customer service, always on time & great prices on roofing replacement or repairs, I highly recommend them to anyone needing roof repairs.”
– Jeff B.


Tile Roof Replacement in Gilbert

Tile roofing is quite common in communities such Layton Lakes in Gilbert. Tile roofing is considered to be the most durable of all roofing materials, in some cases lasting more than 50 years. However, eventually they will require replacement. When it’s time for you to replace the tile roof, AZ Roofing Works has the resources and experience to complete your tile roof replacement in Scottsdale quickly and efficiently.

AZ Roofing Works has the bandwidth to secure several material types of tiles that can be used during roof construction such as concrete, clay, concrete, composite, metal, or Spanish style. We can even mix and match materials to suit your individual taste or HOA compliance.


Shingle Roof Replacement in Gilbert

AZ Roofing Works also offers shingle roof replacement for home owners in Gilbert Arizona. Shingle roofing material is much different than tile, but is installed in a similar, overlapping pattern. Although it might appear simple to install the materials, shingle roof replacement involves much more than simply replacing shingles.

AZ Roofing Works completes shingle roofing replacement on multiple shingle materials including asphalt shingles and polymer shingles.


Flat / Foam Roof Replacement in Gilbert

A flat roof is designed and installed much different than a shingle or tile roof. Flat roofs are made from multiple materials including BUR (build-up roof), modified bitumen, foam, and PVC – each of which requires specific installation and replacement procedures. Like the shingle roof, a flat roof is prone to earlier wear and tear and will require a flat roof replacement in Tempe eventually.

Our dedication to craftsmanship, getting the job done right – the first time, and our dedication to open and clear communication are trademarks of AZ Roofing Works. We offer Experience You Can Trust – and we offer FREE Gilbert roofer estimates all the way to full roof replacements and everything in between.

AZ Roofing Works is a Licensed, Bonded & Insured Roofing Installation and Repair Company located in Mesa, Arizona. We are the preferred Residential & Light Commercial Tile, Shingle, Foam & Flat Roof Repair and Roof Replacement company serving the Greater Phoenix Arizona area.

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