roof leaks in heavy rain

Weathering the Storm: How to Handle Roof Leaks in Heavy Rain

In 2022, large-scale weather events and climate disasters caused more than $1 billion in losses across the United States. While tornados, hurricanes, and flooding can devastate your home and property, you don’t need to weather a major storm for your home to suffer damage. 

A heavy rain can cause anything from a minor leak to major damage to your roof. This can lead to water damage inside your home, too.

You’ll no doubt wonder what to do when heavy rain strikes and you notice discoloration on your ceiling or a slow leak down your walls. Keep reading to learn what to do about roof leaks in heavy rain.

How to Handle Roof Leaks in Heavy Rain

When you notice that you might have a leaky roof during a rainstorm, there are a few steps you should follow to minimize damage, get to the root of the problem, and start the process of repairing or replacing your roof.

Start Inside

You might be tempted to head outside to find the source as soon as you notice a leak inside your home. But first, you should try to minimize the potential damage inside.

Whether you have water coming down a wall or a leak in your ceiling, start by moving any furniture or other belongings away from the water. If possible, use buckets and towels to try to collect the water and keep it from spreading.

Never Climb on Your Roof in a Storm

Climbing on a roof is always dangerous unless you’re a roofing professional. You risk slipping off the edge, falling through the roof, or damaging roofing tiles and other materials.

Climbing on your roof during a storm is even worse. This could put you at risk of being struck by lightning. The roof is also likely to be very slick due to the rain. By going on your roof to look for the source of your leak, you could wind up causing even more damage.

Never attempt to climb on your roof during a storm. 

Check Your Roof

Once the storm has passed, you can head outside to look for the damage’s source. You can do this from the safety of your yard.

Call in the Professionals

Whether you’ve found the source of your leak or not, you’ll want to call in a roofing professional immediately. Describe to them the damage you’re seeing, and they’ll likely advise you on what you can do while waiting for your roof repair

Depending on the damage, a roofing professional will either patch the damaged spot or recommend installing a new roof.

Fixing Your Damaged Roof

When a roof leaks in heavy rain, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and anxious. You want to get to the root of the problem right away. But trying to climb on your roof during a storm can be deadly.

Instead, it’s best to deal with the leak inside to minimize damage and wait for the storm to pass to try to assess the damage. The best thing that you can do is call in the pros to fix the problem.

If your roof has suffered damage, we can help. Contact us today to schedule a repair or consultation.

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