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Roof Repair Contractors Are for Preventative Roof Maintenance Programs

At some point and time, your roof will need replacing. It’s not a question of if, but when. The longer you can keep your roof healthy and in working order, the more money you’ll end up saving. Preventative maintenance programs by roof repair contractors can help get the most out of your roof.

A new roof is an expensive project and the longer the roof is in disrepair the more expensive it will be. You want to wait if possible, but make sure the roof is in top working order. A preventative maintenance plan is designed to get the most out of your roof before the inevitable replacement.

Maintenance with Roof Repair Contractors is Important

When building your home, the roof only accounts for about 10 percent of the total cost, but 10 or 20 years down the line it becomes a high expense project. The difference between a new roof in 10 years and a new roof in 20 years is how it’s maintained.

Many times, a roof is an out of sight and out of mind issue. If it isn’t leaking into your living room, it must be working fine. Your roof takes a lot of abuse over the years. The constant barrage of water from rain and high winds from storms can take its toll.

While your sitting snug in your home, your roof is being damaged day after day. It may start as seeing granules of asphalt in your gutters or broken shingles on the ground. A preventative maintenance plan can keep roof damage from happening.

You may not think the problems with your roof are important until something happens like a leak, but that’s when it becomes an emergency. The cost of repairing a roof with serious damage could be eliminated with the nominal cost of a maintenance plan.

Think of it like your car. You get the oil changed every 3,000 miles and don’t think twice. Why?

There’s no damage to the engine right then and the oil light didn’t come on. The goal is to keep that from happening by replacing the oil at regular intervals. It’s the same thing with a roofing maintenance plan.

You’re paying a small cost now to ensure that you won’t have to pay a huge expense in the near future.

Roof Maintenance Plan Costs Less Over Time

One of the biggest problems people have with something like a preventative maintenance plan is paying the small fees over time. They may think that the cost of replacing the roof in a decade is less than paying for the maintenance plan for several years.

That is not the case. You’re paying a small price each time the roofing contractor comes out, but you extended the life of your roof. The cost of replacing the roof twice in 20 years is far greater than the cost of replacing it once plus the cost of maintenance.

When it comes to tile and foam roofs and flat roofs, it’s even more important because the damage isn’t as easily visible. It can sneak up on you and become a major emergency cost before you even know there was a problem.

Something that is great about roof maintenance plans is the costs aren’t a surprise. You schedule it ahead of time, once in the spring and then again in the fall. You can’t say that about emergency roof repairs.

It’s one thing to plan for an expense and another thing to be suddenly stuck with it, and a much more costly expense.

What Does a Roof Maintenance Plan Entail?

You’re probably asking what exactly do you get with a maintenance plan? The most important part of the plan is the periodic roof inspection to see if any issues are developing.

It can take years for a roof problem to manifest itself in the home. This leads to a high expense repair. When your roof repair contractors inspects the roof in the fall and spring, they can find these problems early.

They’ll inspect your drains, downspouts and complete gutter system to make sure there are no blockages; no gaps, tears or penetrations in the roof flashing; check the vents to see if they’re sealed, and examine roof itself and check for any potential issue and suggest fixes.

If they do find minor problems with the roof, they’ll notify you and provide an estimate to make repairs. The owner must decide if they want to fix the problem or let it go for a little while. There are some small minor repairs that may be included in the maintenance plan.

They’ll also keep records of what they find and provide you with the information upon request. If you decide to wait on the minor repair, they can bring it up in the next inspection and tell you how it has changed since the last inspection.

If your area recently suffered a major weather event or natural disaster, they’ll come and inspect the roof for damage. Large storms can rip or tear shingles and they should be replaced as soon as possible.

It’s easy for debris such as leaves, dirt, rocks, and branches to fall on the roof. Roofing contractors will clean these items off the roof, so they don’t end up in the gutters.

Your Roof is an Investment

Your roof takes the damage from storms and bad weather, so you don’t have to. You want your roof to last if possible and a preventative maintenance plan provided by qualified roof repair contractors can help it problem-free for years and years.

Since problems can take years to develop and by that time lead to a major repair, a maintenance plan provides cost savings over time. You wouldn’t hesitate for preventative maintenance for your car, so why not your roof.

If you want to learn more about how a maintenance plan can help your roof live longer, then please explore our site. We are here at your top Phoenix roof repair company!

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