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Tile Roof VS Shingle: Which Roof is Best for the Arizona Climate

If your old roof needs replacing, you will probably need to compare tile roof vs. shingle during the reroofing project. In general, shingles and tiles are popular materials in residential construction in Arizona.

Their likability can be linked to their individual benefits. Most people opt for shingles because it is a well-known material. But some owners prefer the traditional appeal of tiles.

With the extreme heat and unique environment in Arizona, picking the right roof is vital. We discuss which material is best for Arizona.

Understanding Tile Roofs

The tile roof is not a new structure in architecture. In fact, roofing tiles have been installed over buildings for more than a century.

Shingles are more popular in the country. But, tiles are more popular from a global perspective.

Tiles are used in buildings with attractive elements of Spanish architecture. Their appeal is indisputable because the products are made from slate or terracotta.

When installed, the individual tiles will overlap in a parallel form. The result is an appealing structure. In addition, integrity is exceptional.

Understanding Shingles

Shingles have undisputed popularity among homeowners. Their simple structure and design are favored for quick installation and economic price.

In general, the roofing product can be made using different materials, including plastic, slate, and composite. But asphalt is still the most popular material in this type of manufacturing.

Like a tile, shingles are installed in a flawless overlapping manner. This maximizes weather protection and promotes the appeal. You can choose ideal shingles from a range of colors, shapes and surface textures.

Know the Difference: Tile Roof vs. Shingles

The right roof is essential in Arizona. If the material is not reliable, the structure will experience premature failure.

This could necessitate constant and costly repairs in the future. Moreover, a faulty roof increases the risk of general house damage.

If you are torn between tile and shingles, consider this comparison of the core properties before your roof replacement project.

Climate Stability

Good climate resistance is crucial for a roof. Remember, the structure will be exposed to harsh weather at all times.

If it cannot withstand the stress, the roof will break down prematurely. In general, tiles are favored because they have a thick and strong structure.

These units can withstand high mechanical pressure and impact. This makes tiles a good choice for areas that experience heavy snowfall.

They will also resist damage due to freezing. Shingles perform better in hot environments like Arizona.

They provide protection against hot weather conditions. In addition, they will reflect sunlight, promoting better house cooling.

Roofing Weight

The weight of the roofing material is an important factor to consider when reroofing. This is because the underlying roof framework and the building, in general, will not be able to support all roofs.

If the roofing material is too heavy, the house will not provide adequate support. Shingles are lightweight products.

The precise weight depends on the fabrication material. But, all houses can support roof shingles with ease.

Tiles have a high density. Their weight might be too high if the house framework was originally designed to support lighter materials. So, if you are interested in using tiles, you might want to reinforce the trusses.

Roof Pricing

You must compare the tile cost vs. shingles pricing when preparing for reroofing work. When calculating the potential costs of your project, you must take both the purchase of materials and installation expenses in the account.

Shingles are cheaper because the cost of fabrication is low. Asphalt is not an expensive material. Moreover, the processing is simple.

Tiles are a little more costly since the manufacturing process is a little more intensive. Installation is also harder. The heavier weight of the roofing means that the contractors will need more time.

However, tiles have a distinct advantage over shingles. They are more durable. If you install this type of roof, you will enjoy long-term service.

In addition, you will not need to worry about frequent repairs.

Roof Appearance

An appealing roof will improve the aesthetics of your entire home. In addition, this could also increase your property value by increasing its demand if you decide to resell.

Therefore, if you are comparing tile vs. shingles, it is important to evaluate the potential appearance of the house. Shingles are flat and thin elements. Their lack of depth causes them to look a little plain and boring.

But you can choose shingles with colors and textures which mimic more expensive materials like slate. Tiles are more versatile in terms of beauty.

They can be molded into a range of shapes. The traditional tiles with an S-shape structure are reminiscent of old Spanish architecture. You can also look into tiles with unique colors, shapes, and textures.

Environmental Considerations

It is important to think about the impact of building materials on the environment. Where possible, it is advisable to opt for products that will minimize harm on the planet.

Tiles are more eco-friendly than shingles. These products are manufactured using natural clay and other materials with minimal environmental impact.

Also, they last longer. This means that they will not end up filling the landfills prematurely after short use. In addition, there are recycling options for tiles.

Shingles have a huge downside in terms of eco-friendliness. The products are made from a range of materials. But asphalt is a core material.

This is a derivative of petroleum, making it an unsustainable product. Also, the shorter lifespan is a detriment. Still, shingles can provide a benefit in Arizona.

They can minimize the absorption of heat. This could increase the efficiency of cooling systems and reduce electrical energy demands.

Maintaining Tile and Shingle Roofs

There is no much difference between tiles and shingles in relation to maintenance. If you would like to maximize the lifespan of your new roofing, you will need to be diligent in upkeep.

In general, you will need to conduct annual inspections of the roofs. This process will ensure the detection of damage in time.

As a result, you will prevent the escalation of damage. If you notice a damaged tile or shingle, replace it.

In addition to inspection and repair, it is advisable to clean off the moss. But, you must avoid pressure washing because this might cause more damage.

If you are uncertain about the best decision after evaluating the tile roof vs. shingles comparison, contact us for more detailed information from an established and trusted Mesa roofing repair company.

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