Roofing certifications in AZ

Roofing Certifications in AZ: What Is It and When Do I Need One?

Did you know that home inspections often overlook an important part of the house?

It’s true, that the roof does not receive as much attention as other areas during a home inspection.

Home inspectors will inspect the roof from ground level, and most will walk the roof to check it as long as it’s safe.

This inspection will not give home buyers the in-depth information provided by a roofing certification.

Since each state has its own rules, you will want to work with a local roofing firm for your certification.

AZ Roofing Works conducts roofing certifications in AZ that are accurate and detail-oriented.

Read on to learn some key roofing certification tips.

What Is a Roofing Certification?

Roofing certifications are more in-depth than a typical roof inspection.

They are completed by licensed roof inspectors and provide detailed information, including:

  • The current condition of the roof
  • The remaining lifespan of the roof
  • Any broken, loose, or missing roofing materials
  • The current condition of downspouts or drains

Once the process is complete, the inspector will issue a report certifying the condition of the roof.

This certification typically lasts for two to five years.

If repairs are recommended, they will need to happen before the certification can be issued.

Do I Need a Roofing Certification?

If you are selling your house, it’s a good idea to get a roofing certification.

This will give potential buyers peace of mind and will make it easier to sell your home.

If you are buying a home, a roofing certification can lower the cost of your homeowners insurance.

Insurance companies want to ensure people with safe homes, so a roofing certification may help you get a discount.

Factors that Influence Roofing Certifications in AZ

Roofing certifications are not a one-size-fits-all service. Each inspection is customized based on several factors.

Type of Roof

Roofs throughout the Phoenix area are made from different materials and have different styles.

Each type of roof has its own set of criteria for inspection.

Age of Roof

The extreme temperature and weather conditions in the Phoenix area can cause wear and tear on a roof over time.

Local roof inspectors will know this and take the age of the roof into account.

Pitch of Roof

The pitch of the roof is also considered during certification.

Higher angles can have an impact on the process.

Number of Layers

Each type of roof will have a different number of layers.

It’s important to consider this during a roof certification because each state has individual rules about how many re-roofing projects can be done before a full rebuild is needed.

Choosing a Local Roofing Company for your Certification

Due to unique conditions in the area, it’s important that roofing certifications in AZ are conducted by a local roofing company.

AZ Roofing Works has the knowledge and experience to help guide you through the roofing certification process.

Whether you need a roofing certification or other repair service, we’ve got you covered.

Request a free roof estimate today!

Roofing certifications in AZ can give buyers and homeowners peace of mind. If you are looking for 5-star roofing certification company, give the team at AZ Roofing Works a call at (602) 283-3383 or contact us online. We are a top tile roof repair company in Phoenix Arizona, specializing in roof repairs and roof replacements! 

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